Aptamer selection engineer position available!

Job opportunity

Novaptech is the French leading company in the oligonucleotide aptamer area. We provide custom aptamers to companies and academic laboratories in the health and life science sectors thanks to state of the art methodologies that are permanently improved. Novaptech also develops highly innovative aptamer-based tools for the agro-food and environment industry. Today Novaptech offers a job opportunity for a scientist aspiring towards state of the art methodologies and challenges on topical issues.


Engineer for aptamer selection and characterization

You will be in charge of Research and Development for both customers and in house projects. You will contribute to the project from the design of the procedure to the scientific report. You will join the R&D Department under the supervision of the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).



  • Strong background in molecular biology and in molecular biophysics. (Master Pro, PhD).
  • Expertise in PCR and in optical spectroscopy.
  • Knowledge of physical methods for monitoring molecular interactions.
  • Additional knowledge in Next Generation Sequencing/bioinformatics or in nucleic acid chemistry would be a plus.
  • Good English skills (written and verbal).
  • Previous experience in a biotechnology company would be a plus.



  • Position available immediately.


Qualified candidates are encouraged to send their resume to « contact@novaptech.com »