years of aptamer research

The Aptamer Company


Novaptech is the expert company for the identification, the characterization, the optimization and the functionalization of aptamers for analytic, diagnostic and therapeutic fields.

Novaptech develops aptamer-based tools and devices for applications in the health, agri-food and environment areas.

Novaptech contributes to collaborative projects or service agreements with academic laboratories and R&D departments of companies worldwide.

Novaptech works in close association with Dr. Toulmé ’s team, an academic laboratory (Inserm U1212, Bordeaux) which has nearly 30 years of experience in aptamer selection.

2017 i-LAB laureate

2017 i-LAB laureate

In 2017, Novaptech was awarded a regional prize in the context the i-LAB innovation competition

Research tax credit certified

Research tax credit certified

Novaptech is certified by the French Ministry for education, research and innovation. Our contract services are therefore eligible for the French R&D tax credit.

Partnership / Eurogentec

Partnership / Eurogentec

Eurogentec provides products and services to scientists involved in life science research, molecular diagnostics and therapeutic developments. Expert in small and large-scale synthesis, Eurogentec produces a wide range of custom oligonucleotides from classical primers up to highly complex sequences. Novaptech and Eurogentec signed a partnership for the production of aptamers selected by Novaptech.

Management Board

Marine Faussillon-Laville, PhD Novaptech Bordeaux

Marine Faussillon-Laville, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Marine holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from the University of Paris XI – Orsay. Previously working as R&D project leader and medical science liaison before focussing on sales and business development, Marine has over 15 year management experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Currently Novaptech’ CEO, she brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the company that she co-founded with Jean-Jacques Toulmé.

Jean-Jacques Toulmé, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder

Jean-Jacques got a PhD in Physical Sciences from the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris. Affiliated to the French Institute for Medical Sciences (Inserm) he worked on synthetic oligonucleotides first in Paris then in Bordeaux where he created in 1990 a research laboratory dedicated to small RNAs and aptamers. He chaired for 15 years the European Institute for Chemistry and Biology at the University of Bordeaux. Jean-Jacques holds presently a Director of Research Emeritus position at Inserm and is the CSO of the company that he co-founded with Marine Laville.

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