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Based in Bordeaux, France, Novaptech provides aptamer services worldwide, collaborating mainly with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and agro-food companies in the US, Europe (Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium), UK, Switzerland and Japan. Co-founded by Marine Laville and Jean-Jacques Toulmé – a world-class expert in the field of aptamer technoplogy – Novaptech is a contract research organization (CRO) and aptamer startup that delivers custom aptamer development services for diagnostics and therapeutic applications, as well as custom aptamer-based assay development services. The company masters all stages of aptamer development, including aptamer selection (selex), aptamer optimization, and their use in aptamer ELISA-like assays (ALASA), imaging applications and the use of aptamers as therapeutics. Novaptech routinely selects and produces DNA and RNA aptamers to overcome the limitations of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. The company has also developed a proprietary technology for the development of rapid and multiplex aptamer-based assays and point-of-care tests.