Aptamer Services

Aptamer development & optimization services

Novaptech develops aptamer-based tools in the frame of technology transfer and innovation projects. Novaptech’s expertise is focused on the identification and the characterization of aptamers for biotechnological development of analytical and diagnostic aptamer projects.

Novaptech develops collaborative projects or service agreements with academic laboratories and R&D department of companies.

Novaptech works in close association with Dr. Toulmé ’s team, an academic laboratory (Inserm U1212, Bordeaux) which has more than 26 years of experience in aptamer selection.

Novaptech services

custom aptamer selection & synthesis

Novaptech selects aptamers against any kind of target : synthetic molecules, peptides, proteins, non pathogenic viruses and bacteria, eukaryotic cells.

aptamer optimization aptamer based assay development

We optimize the selected aptamer sequence: truncation to the minimal size, introduction of modifications for improving aptamer properties, conjugation to the appropriate group (thiol, carboxy, amine, fluorophore, etc…) depending on  the intended assay (imaging, biosensing, affinity purification,  etc…).

2nd generation aptamers for developpment of multiplex elisa-like aptamer-based assays

We select functional structure switching aptamers based on the Novaptech’s innovative “switch-kiss” technology. This is particularly adapted to the detection of small molecules (contaminants, drugs, biomarkers, nutriments…).

Novaptech added-value

aptamer expert pharma

Scientist-to-scientist interactions

With Novaptech you benefit from more than 26 years experience on aptamers. From the very early stage of your project you have a personal contact with one of our senior scientists for evaluating the feasibility, designing the library and the selection procedure, defining the chemical modifications and the assay. Feedback is provided at every step of your project.

Cutting-edge aptamer technologies

Our R&D researchers work on innovative processes for aptamer selection and  assay design that are immediately offered to our customers. At Novaptech activity is focused on a particular class of structure-switching aptamers taking advantage of the unique « switch-kiss » technology.

novaptech aptamer research tax credit

French Research Tax Credit certified

Novaptech has been approved for the Research Tax Credit for years 2017, 2018 and 2019. Novaptech customers can benefit from a refundable tax credit for R&D services entrusted to Novaptech.

Industrial capacities through Eurogentec

Eurogentec provides products and services to scientists involved in life science research, molecular diagnostics and therapeutic developments. Expert in small and large-scale synthesis, Eurogentec produces a wide range of custom oligonucleotides from classical primers up to highly complex sequences. Novaptech and Eurogentec signed a partnership for the production of aptamers selected by Novaptech.

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