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Novaptech is the French leading company in the oligonucleotide aptamer area. Novaptech provides custom aptamers to companies and academic laboratories in the health and life science sectors thanks to state of the art methodologies that are permanently improved. Novaptech also develops highly innovative aptamer-based tools for the agro-food and environment industry. Novaptech is always looking for new talent to join and strengthen its teams. Today Novaptech offers opportunities to hard working, highly motivated scientists.

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Novaptech is the French leading company in the field of oligonucleotide aptamers. In France and mainly abroad, we supply aptamers to companies in the Pharma, Biotech and Diagnostics fields, and University laboratories, using cutting-edge methodologies that are constantly improved. Novaptech is also developing innovative tools based on aptamers for the Agri-food industry and the Environment. 



Please send your application including a resume, together with a list of persons to provide references, and a cover letter stating why you would like to join our company.

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