Novaswitch by Novaptech

Published on Feb 28, 2023

Novaptech selects, characterizes, optimizes and functionalizes aptamers for your project, whatever the type of target.

  • Eukaryotic cells, bacteria, viruses,
  • Proteins, peptides,
  • or small organic molecules thanks to the Novaptech proprietary process, providing NOVAswitches

Following the evaluation of the feasibility of your project, we run several positive and negative steps of selection under conditions compatible with your assay.

The selection of NOVAswitches is carried out with targets FREE in solution. No need to synthesize analogs for immobilization on a solid support. No risk to generate aptamers against the linker. The target molecule used for NOVAswitch selection is the same as the one to be detected in your assay.

The process for NOVAswitch selection relies on a structural change occurring upon binding to the target. This reduces the risk of selecting sequences binding to the support. The structural change is secondarily exploited for signalling the presence of the target molecule. This makes easier the design of aptamer-based assays and aptasensors.

Just mix NOVAswitch and your sample and read!

Novaptech offers different formats for optical signalling with NOVAswitches.

  • Colorimetric with gold nanoparticles
  • Fluorimetric with fluorophore-conjugated or label-free aptamers.
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